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    ITZY "달라달라(DALLA DALLA)" M/V
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    Опубликовано: 11 дней назад


    1. wolfieverse gacha

      1:44 is she trying to twerk ... I love the song tho

    2. 수아

      있지는 트와이스처럼 귀엽게만 안갔으면 좋겠다..

    3. 쀼뀨

      뭐라고하는지 1도모르겠다

    4. anhtho tran

      Có ai là fan itzy ch ak

    5. 《전닉 루비채널》이쀼니 hanala%

      얘쁘기만 하고 매력은 없는 애들과 난 달라달라달라~

    6. cooky

      Im such a fan!!!! I think i'm a bitzy lol! (get it? itzy bitzy.. haha!!)

    7. 이민철


    8. Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru

      This song really growing on me xd I might Stan

    9. Athirah Jefferi

      Itzy still trending #4 at Malaysia ... this rookie is too powerful ...

    10. Senrence Shakespeare

      Lovely colours. Beautiful outfits. My aesthetic

    11. ashkieee ash


    12. Carlos Rico Rivera

      I love this

    13. may shio

      Ryunjin 😔🍥

      1. may shio

        +AhgaOnce I know 😂I like calling her ryun- it's a pun

      2. AhgaOnce


    14. XeL Alex Indonesia

      55M ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ !!

    15. Zoya Haider

      I'm watching it today too!

    16. Nalin Thidaphet


    17. Gwyneth Samuelle

      Yey! I've been repeating this video since earlier, then finally they added the subtitles! ❤ Love the energy! 😍😍😍

    18. j buttnut1212

      Guys please don't call Luna "hot" or "sexy" she is a literal child like ew. It's fine to compliment her looks since she is the main visual after all, but don't be gross.

      1. TheNine AreMine

        j buttnut1212 Unless of course if you are 15 yourself.

    19. 론즈델

      나만 안무보고 선미 주인공 생각났냐

    20. erisa prasetyati

      Today 56M please

    21. 짐탄

      와... 노래 중독성 있어서 계속 듣다가 입덕할 것 같다..ㅠ

    22. Miko Demesa

      1:27 Ryujin 1:56 Yuna 1:36 Lia 1:48 Chaeryeong 3:19 Yeji

    23. Min JS

      Chaeryeong and Izone Chaeyon are Siblings right?

      1. TheNine AreMine

        Yes, and both were JYP trainees.

    24. lkuukiks


    25. Risky Poluan

      55 M views already

    26. Sakura Blossom

      I didn’t like the beginning (it sounds exactly like NCT 127 - Simon Says) but I did like the chorus. It sounded cute and the song was meaningful.

    27. 아레김

      LGBT 🏳️‍🌈🌈

    28. Rikue7

      How many people ❤️ ITZY? 👇🏻

      1. Rikue7


    29. MeowImAKitty

      1:44 I tried dancing that but when ya don't have a butt it's hard to make it look good.

    30. 이창원

      2020? -from 2020

    31. Disgust D

      Oh Yeji 💜

    32. 이창원

      2020? -from 2020

    33. 이창원

      2020? -from 2020

    34. 이창원

      2020? -from 2020

    35. Bibi Nurain R

      the cg effect, graphic so annoyed to me.

    36. 리베의게임세상


    37. No One Cares


    38. Rodrigo Vera

      I recommend you see the dance practice of dalla dalla itzy♥️♥️♥️🎶🎶🎶💎💎💎👑👑👑😍😍😍. (Les recomiendo ver el dance practice de dalla dalla itzy esta👍👍👍👌👌👌).

    39. MelanyOmg

      Me acabo de enamorar la de pelo corto

    40. Rodrigo Vera


    41. Just love Yourself

      Space buns girl who is she I think her style is badass



    42. jaehyun’s coffee in irregular office

      tbh at first i hated this song but now i can't stop listening---

    43. [아미] 냠이

      ㅈ..ㅈ·..조회수 ㅅ..시..실화...? ;;;

    44. Ninfa Delgado Cajaleon

      Perfect.... 😍😍😘😘😗 yeji is hot

    45. Jameela Butt

      My bias is ................. ........ Yeji the dance machine😍👏💪

    46. Jameela Butt

      Congrats itzy 54 million. We itziers will forever support you. Like if u agree.

    47. Creamy Orange

      Wait isn’t one of them from Produce 48? Is she technically in 2 groups? Can someone please explain?

      1. amanda luky

        Creamy Orange no she is chaeryoung, Chaeyeon sister.

    48. lyrikal.subliminals

      Woah. 54 million views in 10 days. Let’s expect a lot from this new group!

    49. poof

      how is this supposed to be hated? like did u not read the lyrics? "different" that's why the mv is wild which matches the music. y'all have no tasttteeee 💀

    50. Itzy CHaer

      ✨✨✨ love from Malaysia 💕

    51. Meagann Nojadera

      Twice is shaking

    52. ARMY 93 IMAGINA

      Alguien mas ama esta cansion? xD

    53. Hameeda Begum

      Starting of this songs if bomb but later it's a mess

    54. Phannara Hok

      Who else is streaming now? 21 February

    55. Razlan Lan

      3:25 is that you KANG SEULGI

    56. 顏蘊華

      ITZY🌟 FIGHTING ♥️😊💕

    57. Joshua Robert

      Wow wow wow outstanding wow.

    58. hey im stupid

      Still trending in Malaysia.. #4 tday


      what? i love myself?

    60. Remember Nongtdu

      Here for the 500+times

    61. Kirsthen Davila

      Like si te encamta este nuevo grupo que saco jyp :D

    62. Naurazulman_ Olshop

      43 trending in Indonesia 🐶😘

    63. Hafizam Haiqal

      Still trending #4 in Malaysia after a week. Wow!!!

    64. Fonnie JBaby

      Who know what a called a fandom of itzy?

    65. Aisah Hadjili

      are they new k-pop girl group?

      1. Dragon Corn

        Yes. This is their debut song.

    66. Todorokie

      this song is so addicting

    67. let's winwin

      They are killing it

    68. let's winwin

      Yeji's visuals oh my

    69. Regiz Landegre

      My life!! nae mamdaero sal geoya malliji ma!!

    70. Ly Thao


      1. Dragon Corn

        Buzz off.

    71. 화이트생크림YOUTUBE


    72. Emily Peterson


    73. Joseph Ong

      I have 5 bias and 5 bias wrecker😂

    74. Ma C

      I'm not into girl groups but I think I will like this one.

    75. Thirst ae

      *Yeji 💫💋*

    76. Aida Shalbie

      In malaysia #4 trending

    77. REAL_LJH

      Hi , I made a cover for this song ❤ so l would be very thankful if you visit my channel and see my cover ❤❤❤

    78. Noah

      I really think they're going to grow successful as a group! It amazes me how this is just a new group! I really like the lyrics too, it's cool, probably one of the few girl groups that caught my attention.

    79. support ITZY

      How many girls love ITZY? 😂 I want to know 💞

      1. support ITZY

        Me first 🤣

    80. Raquel VS


    81. Laily Nurfa

      for those NEW ITZY fans *0:39** = Shin Ryujin , 2001* *0:51** = Hwang Yeji , 2000 (Leader)* *0:55** = Lee Chaeryeong , 2001* *1:20** = Lia (Choi Jisu) , 2000* *1:45** = Shin Yuna , 2003 (Youngest)*

      1. Noah

        Thanks! I'm still learning the members

    82. K Lee

      My 1 and a half year old is obsessed with this song since the first time she heard it. Completely OBSESSED. I mean.. I like the song and all, but when she repeats "Dalla, Dalla, Dalla, Dalla", and cries until you play it (on repeat), makes me wonder if I should have played it in the first place, lol.

    83. Makachi Ani

      I know that I’m gonna get a lot of hate for this and I don’t want to offend anybody but I’m not sorry about what I’m gonna say. Dalla Dalla is trash and this group is very obviously not as talented as people are trying to make them appear to be. Their singing is not the best. The song is also very bad. Like really bad. Like I actually can’t explain how bad it is. Also they can’t dance or rap. At all. But then again that’s just my opinion. 🙃

      1. Makachi Ani

        Dragon Corn. Am I not allowed to express my opinion? Isn’t that what everyone else in the comments is doing? I thinks that is what comments are for. Also you are right that talent isn’t an opinion. Itzy just doesn’t have the amount of talent that they are given credit for.

      2. Dragon Corn

        lol talent is not an opinion. That already invalidates your entire comment. If you don't like their song, then buzz off. If you have nothing nice to say, don't say it. (-_-)

    84. James Young


    85. The Fan

      1:27 I love this part.Ryujin ♥♥ swag

    86. Winny Guan

      come on guys lets stream to 100M

    87. saranghae itzy

      4 on trending in Malaysia 😱😱✨

    88. dick_ rice

      It G Ma!

    89. Arpenius Vernando


    90. sᴇᴜʟɢɪ_ ᴛᴀᴇʜʏᴜɴɢ

      I love you so much Yeji 💜

    91. Nini_Jennie Love

      trending4 Malaysia 😁

    92. Twice is my life -ONCE -

      Girl band paling gilak, Baru debut , di sebut rookie Tapi mv nya masih trending di indonesia , gillllakk!! Dan gw shock bgt ini mv masih 1di trending singapore 😱

    93. Ashley Tan

      Still #1 in Singapore DALLA DALLA FTW

    94. Shav EnaLossig

      50m까진 빠르게 오르더니 그이후는 조회수 오르는게 너무 느려

    95. Mariah Souvanthong

      is this a copy of blackpink and A pink?

      1. Noah

        +Mariah Souvanthong Oky sorry for misunderstanding

      2. Mariah Souvanthong

        +saranghae itzy ok

      3. Mariah Souvanthong

        +Noah i' m not starting i' m just saying

      4. Mariah Souvanthong

        +Don BOA Boa hmmm ok...

      5. Don BOA Boa

        WHAT? Blackpink themselves is a copy of 2NE1...

    96. 남주혁


    97. yolanda jordan

      Itzy is starting the 5th generation of KPOP And you guys KNOW it

    98. chung saehim

      다 영어야 시벌.. 한국인 손?

      1. Lampard Frank

    99. j buttnut1212

      Honestly I don't get the people who dislike this, I'm addicted! (It's fine if you dislike it btw, this is just my opinion)